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Study in Canada

The education in canada is world class

Canada has seen a steady boom in overseas interest in its education provisions in the last decade or so. An added boon is that Canada is also ranked among the top places to live in for nine years in a row by the UN survey.

Canada offers a highly affordable education plan for higher studies with lower tuition and boarding expenses in comparison to other first world English speaking nations.

Another surprising aspect of studying in Canada is that no immigrant ever needs to feel homesick and the reason is that Canada is an immensely diverse melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities from around the world.

One tends to comfortably find the community of their origin in whichever province they choose to study in Canada.

This means never missing your favorite food or recreational activity from your home country. Students feel at ease in such a community where acceptance is celebrated and bonhomie exists not just within communities but among different communities as well.

On completion of one’s higher education, or ‘post-secondary’ education as it is known in Canada, one can expect lucrative employment opportunities and entrepreneurship avenues. Add to this the wide array of scholarship programs offered by world-class institutions and you have a perfect recipe for an affordable and successful education program to study in Canada.

So no graduate or postgraduate would feel lost or in immense debt at the end of their course as is the case in quite a few first-world nations.

The two components of a study in Canada plan are:

  • Study Permit: The study permit is a document that a foreign student must acquire to pursue their higher studies from a designated learning institute(DLI) to study in Canada.

  • Study to Immigrate:  A post-graduation work permit(PGWP) allows students who have completed their post-secondary program from an eligible Canadian institution to work in Canada.



  • Student Permit 

  • Study To Immigrate Program

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Your immigration to Canada is just a click away. There is an immigration program for everyone. Based on your qualifications, we will design an immigration strategy designed to suit your goals.


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