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Provincial government of New Brunswick’s wants to increase immigration

The New Brunswick Progressive Conservative Party was victorious in the recent provincial election,.

The New Brunswick Progressive Conservative Party was victorious in the recent provincial election, and they have promised to increase immigration to the province so that the population and economy can benefit in the post-pandemic world. New Brunswick will be at an advantage if they manage to increase the number of newcomers during the next three years because of the new policies that are being suggested by the Progressive Conservative Party.

The province of New Brunswickers elected the Progressive Conservative government on September 14. The incumbent premier, Blaine Higgs, promised during the election campaign to continue the government’s five-year action plan for promoting population growth. The government had already stated its goal of inviting 7,500 immigrants every year by 2024.

Richard Saillant, a New Brunswick economist, said that it was amusing to see the two major parties trying to outdo each other when offering immigration benefits.


The Progressive Conservative Party has mentioned that it aims to attract 10,000 people every year by 2027. New Brunswick wishes to facilitate a rise in the number of francophone immigrants via the Provincial Nominee Program in order to encourage the growth of the francophone culture. The party’s platform has said that it would let francophone immigrants constitute 33% of the population by 2024.

This goal would be crucial to showcasing the proportion of francophones in the province’s population. According to Higgs, the primary way to increase the population would be to attract families to the province and encourage them to stay. The party has fixed a retention rate target of 75% for the following five years on its platform.

New Brunswick is currently in the throes of labor shortages because of the lack of skilled workers. Increasing the population is a viable solution to the problem.

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