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How Permanent Residency status in Canada works?

Updated: Mar 12, 2021


Permanent residents are the citizen of other countries, but they have been given the status of permanent resident by the government of Canada by immigrating to the country. However, a student or foreign worker is not a permanent resident.

As permanent residents of Canada, you can get almost the same social benefits that Canadian citizens receive, including your health care coverage – the most important thing ever. Next, a permanent resident can live, work or study anywhere inside Canada and can apply for Canadian citizenship. You will also be protected under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Also, of course you will be held accountable to pay taxes and abiding by the federal, provincial, and municipal Canadian laws. Somehow, there are limit to what permanent resident cannot do such as, a permanent resident vote for political office and hold some jobs that need a high-level security clearance.

To keep your permanent resident status, you must stay in Canada for at least 730 days during the last five years. No, you do not lose your permanent resident status if your PR card expires – except when you go through official process.