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larsu, hey, do you know if those patches to unity in master got applied to the ubuntu version? larsu, seb128: yes, I pushed them to ubuntu a while ago larsu, thanks seb128: I don't think he's around right now, but maybe he can help? larsu, oh ok, thanks seb128: not sure if it's the right place to ask, but maybe -devel? larsu, I was going to, thanks seb128: I didn't fix that yet can you, should be easy there was just one comment ah, I saw the review but not the change Laney, can you review the upload and push the change? I need to go now, do you have time for it? seb128: yes I can do that Laney, thanks Laney, larsu, will you do some sponsoring while I'm gone? seb128: sure Laney, thanks! Laney, bbl seb128: just update the patch and I'll review it seb128: ok, done yw :) I believe it is a good time to upload system settings the archive is being free of build-deps so I guess it's OK -devel please! Laney: I need to find some wifi to get to the office ah




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FULL Lotto Buster 4399 Crack

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